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Our dog Onyx died Tuesday night. It was unexpected, and we’re still in a bit of shock. She was 11, but seemed healthy.

As I type this I keep expecting to feel her cold, wet nose nudging my arm.

We got her from my sister, who had rescued her from the DC animal shelter as a companion for her new son. She quickly realized that both of them were a bit much to handle, so we took her in.

Derek received favorable visitation rights.

She lived with us (and a couple of cats) for 8 years before Thomas came along.

It was an adjustment.

We pretty much did this to her every year. My mom would generally feed her steak and turkey around the holidays, so she didn’t complain too much.

Notice her head is pointed at the cracker.

Before she got too old, and the bed got too high, she loved to sleep with us.

It was like sleeping with a hairy tornado with nails and bad breath.

Ash didn’t mind.

She was a great mommy dog.

As you can see, she loved the holidays.

The boy hasn’t figured it out yet.

I’m pretty sure someone is waving a turkey leg off-camera.

She tolerated the cat rather than liked him, but the cat loved Onyx. He misses her too.

Derek and I took her camping last week, and she did her usual amazing job of keeping the bears at bay.

Towards the end, Jeter knew what was happening, and curled up next to her. She was surrounded by everyone who loved her that night, and Ash and I held her as she passed.

She was a great dog, and we miss her so much.


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Jeni and Jason’s Hotel Monaco Wedding (Part 1)

When people ask us what our favorite wedding venues are, we usually mention that it’s not the venue, it’s the people – we have amazing clients, and we love to be able to share their special day with them. Jeni and Jason are no exception.

Having said that, the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria is pretty cool. They have a great staff, we love the rooms and courtyard, and the way the place is designed makes it super quick to get outside into old town for portraits.

Hotel Monaco weddings are awesome, and so were Jeni and Jason.

hotel monaco wedding dc

See? They even have fun carpets.

We had a lot of fun walking around that day…


Petal’s Edge did a great job, again.


Boo yah!

Part 2 of Jeni and Jason’s wedding coming tomorrow…


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