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Throwback Thursday

Let’s throwback to a 2013 wedding!

Poor Charlene was a bit worn out after the ceremony.;)

She did rally, I promise.

Congrats on 2 years to Charlene and Carlos!!


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Woodend Wedding

We recently did an amazing wedding at Woodend…we can’t wait to share the rest of the images with you!

Big thanks to Kristi at Glow Events! (Kristi is not in the above photo.;))


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Speaking of River Farm Weddings…

Last year Loren and Ryan had a River Farm wedding, and it was amazing.

Then this happened.

“This” being a baby and expanded family.

A super cute baby by the way.

I wasn’t 100% sure Esme was happy to meet me, but it turned out she just needed a snack and a nap.

We call this a newborn session – the new baby’s first professional photos. If you’re thinking about hiring a photographer to photograph your new baby, our *preference* is to do it around the 7 day old mark. Esme here was about 3 weeks I think, so she was a little more alert, and therefore slightly annoyed with the process. You can see she’s not super into the family portraits…younger babies are a bit easier to work with. Obviously, we can work with them at any age, but we seem to get our best results around 7 days.

We get a lot session setup calls from the hospital!

The next milestone we like to shoot is around 6 months, right after they’re able to sit up. Following that would be one year.

Big congrats to Ryan and Loren, and a “very nice to meet you” to Esme!


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