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Nikki and Blake’s Eastern Shore Wedding

Well, this was a lovely day – a spectacular once a year sunset, a one-eyed dog, and an awesome couple.

I did *not* almost fall in here.

So at this point you’re probably saying “too bad the sky is so gray”. Wait.

Silver Swan is really a lovely venue.

Let’s do this!

That’s rain on his jacket…wait for it…

Something you don’t see everyday.

BOOM. This is the sort of sunset you get once a year.

I followed them back into the reception hall after the ceremony, turned around, and saw this. I think it took me 10 seconds to rearrange our plans and get them back out there with a light.

And then it was gone. I think we had that marvelous light for maybe 5 minutes.

Big thanks to Nikki and Blake for making me a part of an awesome day, I’m so thankful to have been there.


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Anna & Jon’s Finao ONE Flushmount Albums

I’m always so excited when a client’s album arrives. It’s the culmination of literally years of work. From the planning of every last detail of the big day, to the thoughtful crafting of the images, and finally the careful selection and design of the photos and albums themselves… And I would be remiss not to mention the husband or wife you’ve waited for your whole life. Wedding albums are exactly that special, and carry just that much meaning. Albums are a way to sit down and with your eyes and hands, body and soul, experience the beauty and joy of that monumental day. We take a great deal of care and pride in our clients’ albums.

Here are few snapshots of Anna and Jon’s albums. They created a 10×10 Finao ONE flushmount album, and ordered two 8×8 duplicate albums as gifts to their parents. We chose “Platinum Blonde” genuine leather, blind embossed in Fournier 24 point type with their names and wedding date.  Aren’t they lovely?Finao ONE flushmount albums start on the right hand page, and end on the left. We work with our clients to select impactful opening and closing images for their wedding storybook.We can switch back and forth between white backgrounds and black, depending on what looks best. Flushmount design is so versatile!  I love the combination of the “full bleed” photo (image of Anna walking down aisle that goes to the edge of the page) with the “framed” images.  Oh – and those pages are creased – not cut – so we can print right over the center of the spread!  Bring on the panoramics.

Flushmount format allows you to go BIG with very few restrictions.  These images are printed at 10×7 on the left.  The close-up of Anna & Jon covers the full 10×10 page.  We like to use scale to create emotional peaks within your album.We don’t use templates.  And the albums are designed right here, by us – the same people who photographed your wedding.  It’s definitely a benefit – you don’t receive a cookie-cutter design thrown together by a 3rd party.  Your album is as special as you are and the experiences you had on your day.  Anna really wanted to include the candid photo of her talking to Jon’s Grandmother.  But contextually, it was difficult to find an appropriate place.  We found the single spot it would fit, and with the versatility of the flushmount format, we were able to layer it in an artful, balanced collage, adding detail photos as needed.  What started out as a problem was solved with creativity and skill, and ultimately became one of the most visually dynamic spreads in the album.Here’s a little tip:  we can pack in the reception photos in your album, because they’re mostly shot in the same orientation — horizontal!  I like this look, with borders.  But you could easily add another 4 photos.  We’ll help you get bang for your buck, without sacrificing the quality.Speaking of scale to create an impact… will you get a load of those champagne bubbles?  It was actually another creative solution to completing the design.  But it sort of makes me thirsty!

And they lived happily ever after!

Unfortunately, a lot of folks’ wedding photos die in an electronic graveyard…never seeing the light of day through print.  Don’t be one of those people!  For these — your first family photos — let us make a book for you, so you can enjoy your photos and that amazing day you put so much thought and energy into, and maybe even pass it down through your family.   I know I hope to have my parent’s wedding album one day…  That would be a treasure.



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Amar - Amanda – These pictures are amainzg!! Can’t wait to see them hanging in the house! You guys are beautiful inside and out and I am so lucky to be your babysitter! Seeing William and Lauren grow up is such a blessing!


flower girl

The pictures are amazing! There are so many great ones, I have no idea how to choose which ones we want to print and frame. Hoping to get some posted to FB tonight.

Thanks again for being there to capture our wedding day memories!


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