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Family Friday – Madeline

So, if you go all the way back to the beginning of this blog, you’ll see Nicole and Peter’s wedding slideshow.

Here’s a few photos.

Nicole is in the biz, they had a gorgeous wedding.

Specifically she’s in catering. I had 3 of these, I think.

So we see her at weddings here and there, and a couple of months ago I bump into her at Margot and Kieron’s wedding.

Yay, she’s having a baby!

Thankfully my hair has grown out since then.

Meet Madeline!

We hopped on some swings for their engagement shoot as well.


This is why we tell our clients their wedding photos are really their first family photos.

Big time congrats to Nicole and Peter, she’s beautiful!


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Blast From the Past – July 12th, 2003 Wedding

dc wedding ceremony
We still have this one on the wall at the office.


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Ashlee - I love that this image looks so great 10 years later. Not bad for one of the first professional digital cameras ever made (and 5.6 MPs at that!). They came back just a few years ago to do their album — and the Queenbserry printing and hand-bound matted album looked spectacular, even after all this time, and all these technical innovations later. Well done, honey :)